Fire Pumps

The fire pump is the heart of the sprinkler systems water supply, it can be driven by an electric motor or a diesel engine. Water can be drawn from a suction tank, a lake or reservoir. The pump provides water flow at the required pressure to meet the design criteria of the sprinkler system.

Weekly checks must be undertaken as must the weekly testing. Fuel tanks must be monitored to ensure there is an adequate supply of fuel to handle a fire situation.

At ASAP we provide annual and bi-annual servicing. This proves that the fire pumps are meeting the required duty, and are functioning correctly pump, alignments are checked at this stage to ensure there is no miss-alignment between the pumps and their respective drivers. Engines receive a full service with a complete oil and filter change, if two visits a year are undertaken then the tappets will be checked and adjusted. We recommend that pumps with packed glands have the packing changed at least every two years, more often if required.

Here at ASAP Fire Systems we include this as part of a major service as normal. All our servicing meets the requirements for LPCB / FM.